My stepdaughter Gwen Keller and I were out at Cowan counting birds for an eSites project yesterday (Tuesday, 29 Dec). We found two Wilson’s Snipe in the shallow eastern end of the lake, visible from the easternmost boat ramp. The lake is down about five feet from normal, apparently in an attempt to control the rampant American lotus, reducing the lake to something like the original Cowan Creek. The birds were busily foraging along the margins.

Peterjohn states that snipe are rare winter residents in the southern and central counties. This is certainly the latest that I have seen it here.

Wilson's Snipe. The striped back and head separate it from the dowitchers.

Another view.  Cowan Lake has been drawn down to the point that it is once again Cowan Creek,

The back stripes are particularly evident on the bird on the left.