Caspian Terns occur fairly regularly in Southwest Ohio, but generally only in onesies and twosies. Larry Gara called me yesterday afternoon (18 Apr 07) to tell me that he had found ten on the beach at Cowan Lake State Park. (See the post immediately following for a description and an interactive map.) I went out to the lake immediately and found seven still present. I was able to get a photo with five Caspian Terns in the same frame.

Note the size relationship with the Ring-billed Gulls.

In stalking the birds to get better pictures of the birds, I managed to spook them, but my ineptitude resulted in a couple of nice flight pictures.

Note the usual pattern of very light upper surfaces of the wing with the very dark lower surfaces.  This can be a good mark in distinguishing Caspians from Royals in flight, should we ever be so lucky as to be in that position here in Ohio.

Larry reports that none were found this morning.